On-Site Sewage Facilities, including Control Zone Rayburn

On-Site Sewage Facilities in Angelina County

Beginning Monday, August 3, 2015, the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA) officially begins administering the On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) program for Angelina County. ANRA’s business office is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday and is located at 210 E. Lufkin Avenue directly across the street from the Angelina County courthouse.

Quick Facts

Application Fees for the portion of Angelina County outside of Control Zone Rayburn:

  • Single family dwelling fee: $310.00
  • Commercial fee: $410.00 (includes property for rental purposes & multi-housing units)
  • Re-inspection Fee-Residential: $150.00
  • Re-inspection Fee- Commercial: $200.00
  • Transfer Fee: $105.00

Documents Required:

  • Application completed and signed.
  • Information sheet signed and dated.
  • A two year service contract (aerobic systems only) that has been signed by the homeowner and registered installer.
  • A copy of the Affidavit to the Public that has been notarized, and filed at the County Clerk's Office.
  • A Site Evaluation done by a qualified person.
  • A copy of the system design done by a registered sanitarian or a professional engineer.

Additional Requirements

  • Acreage - Regardless of the acreage, a permit to construct, alter, extend, or repair is required for all single family residences; and
  • Lot Size - Subdivisions of single family dwellings platted or created after the effective date of the Angelina County’s Order, served by a public water supply and using individual OSSFs for sewage disposal, shall have lots of at least three quarter (3/4) acre.

Forms are available on our Forms and Instructions page.

What is Control Zone Rayburn?

Control Zone Rayburn (CZR) is ANRA's program to regulate On-site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) near the Sam Rayburn Reservoir and in San Augustine County.

The CZR area of jurisdiction includes the portion of San Augustine county that is within the Neches River basin, and the portions of the other four counties surrounding Lake Sam Rayburn that fall within the regulated zone surrounding Sam Rayburn Reservoir. The regulated zone around Sam Rayburn Reservoir begins at the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers take line (171 ft contour) and extends 2000 feet outward. If any part of a subdivision lies within the regulated zone, then the entire subdivision will be in ANRA jurisdiction.

If you own property within the boundary we offer these services:

  • Permitting and Licensing of all new septic systems regardless of lot size and acreage.
  • Real Estate septic inspection and license transfer.
  • Timely response to septic complaints and sewer nuisance.

Approximate map of the CZR regulated area