To achieve the Board approved Goals and Objectives, ANRA staff will continually develop short term and long term planning goals. The one year plan will be used for the fiscal year budgeting process. The five year plan will be used for strategic purposes to assure staff and Board of Directors vision for the planning period is consistent.

Short Range Planning Goals Year One (2017)

Administrative Development

      1. Staff Development
        • Develop master plan to evaluate/address staffing needs
        • Develop comprehensive training program
        • Revise job descriptions, evaluation forms and other HR forms
        • Evaluate salaries and benefits package
      2. Policy Revisions
        • Personnel Policy
        • Records Retention Policy
      3. Perform Financial Modeling to maximize investment earnings
      4. Complete conversion of paper files to electronic files

Business Development

  1. Market ANRA services to potential customers
    • Laboratory services
    • Surplus sludge disposal capacity for Neches Compost Facility
    • Basin wide stakeholder meetings and public education
  2. Seek additional grant opportunities to address water quality impairments within the basin
  3. Expand the OSSF program to include Cherokee County
  4. Lake Columbia
    • Market State Participation capacity for Lake Columbia project
    • Secure USACE 404 permit for Lake Columbia

Facilities Planning

  1. Complete master plan for development of new central office & construction
  2. Complete rate analysis for Holmwood Utilities
  3. Neches Compost Facility
    • Production capability expansion planning
    • Construct fire suppression system
  4. North Angelina County Regional Wastewater Facility
    • Collection system rehabilitation & corrosion prevention program
    • Collection system expansion to service the Rivercrest community

Long Range Planning Goals Years Two - Five (FY 2018-2022)

  1. Continue all tasks necessary for construction of Lake Columbia
  2. Develop and operate regional water and wastewater facilities within the basin
  3. Continue to expand the level of water quality testing within the basin
  4. Develop a central regional sludge disposal transfer station
  5. Develop regional offices to address expanded activities within the basin

Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan

Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan (1.3 MB)