ANRA’s new headquarters and environmental
laboratory move closer to completion

October 20, 2017

Artist's rendering of what the new ANRA facility may look like

Last year, having outgrown its small, aging office in downtown Lufkin, ANRA purchased four adjoining properties on the north side of the Lufkin loop with the intent to build a new headquarters and environmental laboratory.

Three of the properties had old homes in various states of disrepair that would need to be demolished, but we wanted to salvage and recycle as much as possible, so over the past year ANRA has worked with employees and outside contractors to perform architectural salvage.

The salvage was recently completed, and the properties were then made available to the Lufkin Police Department for use in a SWAT training exercise.

Following the training exercise, a team was brought in to clear the underbrush. That work continues.

On Thursday, what was left of the largest home was demolished, bringing the new facility one large step closer to completion.

ANRA would like to thank the City of Lufkin for their assistance in the ongoing demolition of the structures located on the property.

The facility being built will have a state-of-the-art water chemistry and microbiology laboratory, classrooms and meeting spaces, and house ANRA operations such as water and wastewater utilities, on-site sewage facilities permitting, and our surface water quality monitoring programs.

ANRA hopes to be in its new facility by the end of 2018.