North Angelina County Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

This water quality project represents ANRA’s initial step toward providing wholesale regional services for both water and wastewater in the Angelina & Neches River Basin. The North Angelina County Regional Wastewater Facility “the Facility”, was originally conceived in the early 1990's in an effort to address water quality issues in the Angelina River. Originally, the concept was to combine wastewater discharges from Central ISD and Idlewood Subdivision. The concept was shelved because of a lack of economies of scale and its effect on rates as well as other local factors.

In 1995, Central ISD was cited by the TCEQ for higher than normal wastewater flows as a result of a sharp increase in student population. The School District began work on upgrades to satisfy TCEQ. In the fall of 1998, the School District initiated a study to identify alternatives for wastewater treatment. The study identified three alternatives; upgrade of the existing wastewater facility, construct a new wastewater facility, or participate in a Regional Wastewater System.

At the request of Central ISD, ANRA revised its original plan and began to develop the project as a regional system. In December of 2000, Central ISD, Idlewood WCID and MHMR Lufkin State School were invited to participate in the North Angelina County Regional Wastewater Facility. The meeting eventually led to contract development and subsequently an agreement for cost effective wholesale wastewater service signed by all three participants.

In October 2001, The ANRA Board of Directors approved a $3,100,000 loan agreement with the Texas Water Development Board for the purchase and upgrade of the newly constructed Idlewood WCID treatment plant and installation of a Transmission line linking Central ISD & MHMR Lufkin State School back to the treatment facility located behind the Idlewood Subdivision. Both Central ISD and MHMR have been able to close down their older & less effective treatment facilities.

The ANRA Facility combined the effluent discharges from the three existing facilities into one discharge with significantly higher water quality. The treatment facility is currently permitted to treat and discharge 370,000 gallons per day.


Aerial View