Central ISD

The District traces it's origins to five small schools in the Pollok-Central area. A new building housing the five schools forming the Central Consolidated School District was opened in 1929. Additional schools merged with Central Consolidated in 1939-1940. In 1955, Central converted from a common to an Independent School District.

Central ISD, the geographic summit of Angelina County, is a school that envisions educational excellence for East Texas. It strives to prepare productive citizens who can think critically, have the marketable skills necessary to function successfully and have a strong sense of self-worth by providing a comprehensive, quality curriculum in an environment conducive to learning, delivered by caring, competent, dedicated, professional staff.

Providing a strong educational foundation and extra curricular activities for students in the Northwestern part of Angelina County, Central ISD has played a significant role in the County's educational history.

Idlewood Water Control & Improvement District

Idlewood Subdivision was created by a local developer in the early 1970's as a residential development with 500 lots. The subdivision was served by a small package sewer plant initially capable of serving approximately 200 homes. The Idlewood Property Owners Association (the Association) was created in 1980, in an effort to protect and maintain the characteristics on the subdivision.

In the early 1990's, the developer was under pressure by the then Texas Water Commission because of operational deficiencies associated with the wastewater treatment plant to make upgrades to the treatment plant. In the mid 1990's the Association began negotiation with the developer to purchase the antiquated wastewater system. In 1992, the Association purchased the system for $ 150.000.00. Plans to upgrade the facility began immediately.

The Association was instrumental in the creation of Idlewood Water Control & Improvement District (the District). The District's service area included the Idlewood and Briar Village subdivisions. The District sought to borrow and did obtain a loan from the Texas Water Development Board in the amount of 1.6 million dollars. The proceeds from the loan were used to construct a new wastewater facility and to perform collection system improvements, both of which were completed in 1998.

Lufkin State Supported Living Center

Established in 1962, Lufkin State Supported Living Center is a 24-hour residential facility for approximately 430 people who have mental retardation with varying degrees of abilities and disabilities. Approximately one-half of the consumers require mobility assistance. Some consumers require 24-hour nursing care due to medical conditions, while others require intensive intervention to address behavioral challenges. Many live semi-independently by working on-campus or in the local community, and by enjoying quality of life activities of their choice. The people who live at Lufkin State School range in age from 14 to 90 years old. Lufkin State School is truly their home. Every effort is made to provide services with as few restrictions as possible.

Lufkin State Supported Living Center