Holmwood Utilities

Holmwood Utility was originally built in the early 1960's, as an Individually Owned Utility (IOU) serving about a dozen homes. Over the years, the subdivision continued to grow and expand adding new residential connections at a rate of about 5 homes per year. During the early 90's, as regulatory requirements increased, the original owner began searching for an entity to assume control of the utility.

Coping with failing facilities, regulatory pressure, and deteriorating health, the Owner eventually worked out an agreement with the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA) to purchase the Utility and all of its assets. In October of 1996, ANRA closed on the sale of Holmwood Utilities. At the time of closing, ANRA also closed on a loan for monies to purchase and construct water and wastewater facilities.

In May of 1998, Holmwood Utilities completed construction of its Well # 3. This production facility was capable of supplying enough water for 100 homes, while Well # 2 supplied the additional capacity. Since that time, Holmwood Utilities has expanded the Well # 3 production facility as a stand alone facility which has a supply of water for up to 250 homes, while the Well # 2 has been shut down.

HMU Well #3 After 2009 Upgrades

HMU Well #3 in 2009

HMU Well #3 in 2000

HMU Well #3 in 2000

Well #2 in 1996

HMU Well #2 in 1996