Holmwood Utilities Wastewater System

HMU Wastewater Treatment Pond

Since the early days of Holmwood Utilities existence, the wastewater treatment system consisted of 5 ponds that treated wastewater and discharged into a drainage ditch beside the facility. The wastewater treatment system operated without a surface water discharge permit since its creation back in the mid 1960's until the time of purchase by the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA) in 1996.

The Utility was placed under formal Enforcement Proceedings by the TCEQ because it could not meet the standard discharge limits and because the treatment system was never permitted. The original owner of the subdivision and water/wastewater system, under pressure from the community and facing increased regulatory action began to market the Utility for sale to the highest bidder.

After a number of years, ANRA was approached by the owner offering to sell the utility for a small portion of the value of the water and sewer facilities. ANRA began to appraise the Utility and to negotiate a contract for the purchase of the facilities which included existing inventories, utility easements, and facilities.

During the 1996 purchase by ANRA, an agreement was made with the TCEQ to suspend enforcement action pending construction of a new wastewater treatment system. In the interim, local residents helped secure an agreement with the City of Jasper for wholesale wastewater treatment services.

After contract negotiations, In March of 2000, Holmwood Utilities and the City of Jasper completed construction of a lift station and forced main from the Holmwood subdivision to the City of Jasper. Since that time, ANRA has provided retail sewer services while wholesale treatment services are being provided by the City of Jasper.