ANRA Clean Rivers Program Activities

Project Administration

ANRA and TCEQ agreed to a new Clean Rivers Program (CRP) contract for the FY 2022-2023 biennium to conduct water quality monitoring activities in the Upper Neches River Basin. This agreement is effective for the period of Sept. 1, 2021 through August 31, 2023. The TCEQ will reimburse ANRA up to $329,766 over the two-year period.

Quality Assurance

ANRA's FY 22-23 Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the Upper Neches River Basin was approved by the TCEQ in Spet 22 of 2021. A copy of the QAPP is available on the ANRA website at the link above.

The ANRA Environmental Laboratory has received accreditation based upon the standards adopted by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Commission (NELAC) following an on-site assessment by the TCEQ. The TCEQ offers accreditation to environmental laboratories that meet the quality system requirements of NELAC. The TCEQ conducted their NELAC audit July 23 - 24, 2019.

ANRA Environmental Laboratory Fields of Accreditation

Water Quality Monitoring

The FY 2022 Coordinated Monitoring Schedule

The FY 2022 Coordinated Monitoring Schedule has been finalized and is now available to view at the following website:

During FY 2022, ANRA is conducting quarterly surface water quality monitoring at 37 routine monitoring stations in the Upper Neches basin, and will also conduct 24 hour Dissolved Oxygen monitoring at 2 stations.

The current FY 2022 monitoring schedule, basin maps and a list of monitoring parameters is available in the CRP Monitoring Program section.

Data Management

The Upper Neches Basin surface water quality monitoring data files are submitted to the TCEQ three times per year. The water quality data includes routine conventional, field, flow, bacteriological, and 24 hour data collected over the previous months. The water quality data is available on the TCEQ's website at:

Data Analysis and Reporting

The final version of ANRA's 2020 Upper Neches Basin Summary report is available on our CRP Reports page.

The Basin Summary Report is assembled every third biennium and provides a comprehensive review of water quality data and water quality related issues for the Upper Neches River Basin.

The most recently published highlights report was the 2021 Upper Neches Basin Highlights Report. It is also available on our CRP Reports page. Highlights reports are published yearly except in years for which the more comprehensive summary report is published.

Stakeholder Participation

The 2021 CRP Steering Committee Meeting was held via video conference on Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 10am. More information is available on our CRP Meetings & Events page. For more information or to be added to the Steering Committee mailing list, please contact Carla Ethridge at 936-632-7795

Public Outreach

Texas Stream Team - Caring for our Waters

ANRA continues to support Volunteer Environmental Monitoring in the basin. ANRA provides Texas Stream Team monitoring kits, training, and replacement supplies and reagents to active volunteer monitors in the basin.

For more information about ANRA's Volunteer Monitoring Program, please contact Carla Ethridge at 936-632-7795 (or e-mail

Clean Rivers Program Activity books

ANRA’s Clean Rivers Program set a goal for 2020 and 2021 to create education and outreach materials for school
children throughout the basin, in order to educate them on the importance of water quality, and the efforts of
the Clean Rivers Program. Two activity books were created. The first targeted to elementary students, and the second to middle school students. You can download a printable copy of both books below, or contact us to request hardcopies for your students.

Clean Rivers Program Elemantary School Activity Book Clean Rivers Program Middle School Activity Book

The Clean Rivers Program Elementary School Activity Book provides an interactive way for children to learn about the importance of water quality through the following activities:

  • Introduction to CRP field tools
  • Texas Clean Rivers Program Word Search
  • Dot-to-dot activity showing the location of the Neches River Basin in Texas
  • Introduction to species found within the Neches River Basin
  • Other fun activities including a maze, word scramble, and space to draw a clean river scene.

The Clean Rivers Program Middle School Activity Book provides education on ANRA’s Clean Rivers Program through the following topics:

  • River Basins and their importance
  • Texas Clean Rivers Program
  • Ways to keep Texas’ water clean
  • Fun Facts about the Neches River Basin
  • Vocabulary Terms
  • Other educational activities

Major Rivers
ANRA's Clean Rivers Program supports local schools by providing Major Rivers student education materials. Major Rivers is a 4th and 5th grade water education curriculum designed to teach students about the major water resources of Texas, how water is treated and delivered, and how to use water wisely. Originally launched by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) in 1989, the Major Rivers program was modified in 2003 into a statewide version that integrates water planning, conservation, internet resources, and historical stories about Texas river basins. In 2010, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) began offering an updated version of Major Rivers which incorporates the latest information from the 2007 State Water Plan, includes new outdoor water conservation activities, and has student materials in both English and Spanish. For more information about Major Rivers, please visit the TWDB's Major Rivers page.