Piney Creek at FM 358 - TCEQ ID: 16096

Site Description

Piney Creek At FM 358. 2.4 KM East Of FM 3154/FM 358 Intersection. 10 KM East Of City Of Pennington.

Segment Description

Segment 0604D - Piney Creek (unclassified water body). This freshwater stream encompasses 70 miles in stream length from the confluence of the Neches River at the Polk/Tyler/Angelina County lines east of Corrigan to the upstream perennial portion of the stream east of Crockett in Houston County. This segment is designated for contact recreation, general use, and aquatic life use.

Monitoring Performed Quarterly

Field Parameters Conventional Parameters Bacterial Parameters
Dissolved Oxygen Ammonia-N E. coli
Days Since Last Significant Rainfall Chloride  
Flow Severity Chlorophyll-a  
Instantaneous Stream Flow Pheophytin-a  
pH Sulfate  
Present Weather Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  
Secchi Transparency Total Nitrate+Nitrite  
Specific Conductance Total Phosphorus  
Total Water Depth Total Suspended Solids (TSS)  
Water Temperature    



  • Upstream January

    Facing northwest, looking upstream. Photo taken 2011-01-04

  • Downstream January

    Facing southeast, looking at downstream. Photo taken 2011-01-04

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