Lake Ratcliff - TCEQ ID: 17339

Site Description

Lake Ratcliff. Where the northwest arm of the lake joins the main body.  Approximately 400 m northwest of the southwest corner of the dam.

Segment Description

Segment 0604T - Lake Ratcliff (unclassified water body). Lake Ratcliff is a 53-acre reservoir located within Houston County 3.4 miles northeast of Kennard. This segment is designated for contact recreation, general use, and aquatic life use. The lake has a designated camping area, swimming area, and a concession area for summer visitors. This reservoir was listed on the 303(d) list for mercury in edible fish tissue in 2002 and is currently under a 5c classification.

Monitoring Performed Quarterly

Field Parameters Conventional Parameters Bacterial Parameters
Dissolved Oxygen Ammonia-N E. coli
Days Since Last Significant Rainfall Chloride  
Flow Severity Chlorophyll-a  
Instantaneous Stream Flow Pheophytin-a  
pH Sulfate  
Present Weather Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)  
Secchi Transparency Total Nitrate+Nitrite  
Specific Conductance Total Phosphorus  
Total Water Depth Total Suspended Solids (TSS)  
Water Temperature    



  • Near Shore

    Facing Northwest, looking towords the swim area. Photo taken 2011-01-04

  • Far Shore

    Facing north, looking towords the far shore. Photo taken 2011-01-04

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