Private Well Testing

When should you test your well?

If your well has been flooded or you suspect contamination, you should disinfect and test it before you drink the water.

If your private well is flooded, do not use water from it until the following three things have occurred:
1. The floodwaters have receded from the well and your plumbing system.
2. You have disinfected the well and your plumbing.
3. You have sampled your water and received a lab report confirming that the disinfected water contained no harmful organisms.

How to disinfect and test your well.

You should disinfect not only your well, but also any plumbing connected to the well, and then flush the entire system afterwards.

Here are some Instruction for Disinfecting a Drinking Water Well.

After the system is disinfected, you should collect a sample and have it tested to verify that the disinfection was sucessful. The sample shoud be collected in an approved sterile container to assure that the sample is actually representing your well water, and not a contaminated container. Our lab provides these containers free of charge.

Instructions and forms for Collecting a Water Sample for Bacteria Testing are available here: Forms and Instructions

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