Drought Contingency Plan

In order to conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of water supply facilities, with particular regard for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection, and to protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety and minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortage or other water supply emergency conditions, the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA) hereby adopts, by Resolution, the following regulations and restrictions on the delivery
and consumption of water.

Water uses regulated or prohibited under this Drought Contingency Plan (the Plan) are considered to be non-essential and continuation of such uses during times of water shortage or other emergency water supply conditions are deemed to constitute a waste of water which subjects the offender(s) to penalties as defined in Section 10.0 Enforcement of this Plan. In severe, critical, and emergency water shortage conditions, essential uses may be impacted to some extent, but ANRA will make reasonable efforts to minimize adverse effects to customers.

The goal of the Plan is to balance the competing needs for water and minimize the adverse effects of water shortages during periods of drought and other emergency water shortages. This Plan addresses the steps to be taken by ANRA when drought conditions occur and when it appears the existing water supply may not be sufficient to meet all of the existing needs without some type of restrictions.

The plan can be downloaded here: Drought Contingency Plan

A hard copy of the Plan is available for review at ANRA’s business office located at 2901 N John Redditt Drive, Lufkin, Texas 75904.