About the Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act (CWA) establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States and regulating quality standards for surface waters. This includes requiring wastewater permits for point-source discharges, setting water quality standards, and holding liable parties responsible for violating CWA standards. The goal of the CWA is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters.

Special Projects

Projects ANRA conducts under the CWA focus on bringing stakeholders in diverse watersheds together to address water quality issues. These projects, along with the diligent work of stakeholders, resource agencies, and volunteers, can and do make a difference.

The quality of a water body can be improved to a point where it is capable of supporting its use(s), and the water body can then be removed from the 303(d) list of impaired water bodies. The list can be found here: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/waterquality/assessment

Projects include data collection and interpretation, education and outreach, implementation of best management practices, assistance for low-income households, and more.

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