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The Authority’s Environmental Laboratory staff are available to consult on sampling procedures, analytical methodology, quality control procedures, regulatory requirements, well disinfection procedures, and other needs of our clients.

New Customers

If you are a new customer, or if it’s been at least a year since your last sample, please complete the New Customer Setup-Update Form below.

Private Well Testing

If your private well is flooded or you suspect contamination, it is recommended that you do not use water from it until the following three things have occurred:

  1. The floodwaters have receded from the well and your plumbing system
  2. You have disinfected and flushed the well and any plumbing connected to the well
  3. You have sampled your water and received a lab report confirming that the disinfected water contained no harmful organisms

Instructions for Disinfecting a Drinking Water Well can be found here:

After the system is disinfected, collect a sample and have it tested to verify that the disinfection was successful. The sample should be collected in an approved sterile container to assure that the sample represents your well water and not a contaminated container. The laboratory provides sterile containers at no cost to you.

Instructions for Collecting a Water Sample for Bacteria Testing can be found here:

Sample Acceptance

The laboratory’s sample acceptance criterion indicates the minimum conditions a sample must meet when received at the laboratory. Sample collection personnel are to use water-resistant ink, use appropriate sample containers, and adhere to holding times, and sample volume requirements. Deviations from the sample acceptance criterion will be noted on the Chain-of-Custody (COC) Form and the final report.

A Chain-of-Custody Form is required for all laboratory analyses. A fillable COC Form can be found here:

The laboratory documents the temperature of samples upon receipt. All samples (except
samples for Presence/Absence or metals only, or samples received within an hour of
collection), must be stored and transported on ice. If samples are not received on ice or
were received more than an hour after collection, the temperature deviation will be noted on the final report.

The laboratory also verifies and records the pH of all pH-preserved samples upon receipt. If samples are received outside of the required pH range, the laboratory will add additional preservatives to the sample prior to analysis, until it is within the correct pH range.

Laboratory Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please use the laboratory/shipping & receiving entrance to the right of the main entrance when dropping off samples.

For more information contact:

Environmental Laboratory
2901 N John Redditt Drive
Lufkin, TX 75904

Phone (Main): 936-632-7795