The Authority owns and operates the Holmwood Utilities (“The Utility” or HMU), a retail water and sewer utility located west of the City of Jasper. HMU was originally constructed as an Individually Owned Utility (IOU), serving about a dozen homes in the newly built Holmwood Subdivision. The Utility includes water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems.  


The water distribution system was originally built in the early 1960s. Over the years, it began to grow, placing more demand on the water system than it was capable of producing. During the mid-90s, coping with failing facilities, regulatory pressure and enforcement, and deteriorating health, the owner eventually worked out an agreement with the Authority to purchase The Utility and all of its assets.

Since then, ANRA has initiated and completed two major capital improvement projects to expand the capacity, now capable of producing, treating, and distributing water for up to 250 homes. These improvements support the continued growing demand in the area.

HMU utilizes a remote monitoring system that monitors water pressure, ground storage tank levels, and electrical power at the water treatment plant.


Since the early days of the Utility’s existence, the wastewater treatment system consisted of five unlined and unpermitted ponds that treated wastewater, which was then discharged into a drainage ditch beside the facility.

The Utility was placed under formal enforcement proceedings by the TCEQ because it didn’t have a surface water discharge permit, nor could it meet standard effluent discharge limits.

With the 1996 purchase by the Authority, a compliance agreement was made with the TCEQ to suspend enforcement action, pending the construction of a new wastewater treatment system. In the interim, local residents helped secure an agreement with the City of Jasper for wholesale wastewater treatment services.

In 2000, Holmwood Utilities and the City of Jasper completed the construction of a lift station and force-main from the Holmwood subdivision to the City of Jasper.  Now, the wastewater from the subdivision is collected by the Utility and then transmitted to the City of Jasper for treatment, under the terms of an Interlocal Agreement.


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Holmwood Utilities started out as an Individually Owned Utility (IOU)


ANRA closed on the acquisition of Holmwood Utilities


The Authority began construction on a new water treatment plant.


Construction was completed on a new lift station and forced main.


A construction project was initiated to increase the capacity of the water treatment plant.


A sanitary sewer trunk line serving Alley No. 7 was replaced. 

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Installation of a new automated water meter reading system was completed. The water treatment plant was retrofitted with a permanently mounted generator and a new electronic control system.

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Public Notices

Scheduled Construction at Holmwood Utilities Near Jasper Beginning Monday, February 12

The Angelina & Neches River Authority has been engaged in a water system improvements project over the last 24 months and is pleased to announce that the last phase of construction, at the water treatment plant, will begin on February 12, 2024 with an anticipated completion date of February 26, 2024. Customers may experience slight variations in water pressure during this time. As a result, all water customers are asked to conserve on water use during this construction activity. Please be advised that these measures are temporary and is a normal occurrence for a project of this nature. Operations staff...

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Scheduled Maintenance for Holmwood Utilities Customers

Attn:  Holmwood Water Customers   Holmwood Utilities recently purchased an emergency generator for the Holmwood Water Treatment Plant. Contractors will be performing a scheduled work activity on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, to finalize the necessary electrical connections for the generator installation.   All work should be completed without any interruption to water service; however, there may be a brief period where water pressures could be lower than normal. If this occurs, operations crews will be working diligently to ensure water service returns to normal as quickly as possible.   We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If...

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Notice Regarding Extreme Weather Emergencies – Holmwood Utilities

Notice Regarding Extreme Weather Emergencies This communication is to notify you that Holmwood Utilities, your retail water and sanitary sewer provider, is: prohibited from imposing late fees or disconnecting retail water or sewer service for nonpayment of bills that are due during an extreme weather emergency until after the emergency is over; required to offer a payment schedule to a customer who requests such a schedule for unpaid bills due during an extreme weather emergency; and prohibited from disconnecting retail water or sewer service for nonpayment of bills due during an extreme weather emergency until after a payment schedule has...

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Extreme Winter Weather Event

The East Texas area is expecting extreme low temperatures overnight Thursday, December 22, 2022. Current weather forecasts indicate that overnight temperatures Thursday into Friday morning could reach into the single digits and remain below freezing for 24 to 48 hours. ANRA is asking all of its retail customers to make preparations now to protect people, pets and plumbing.            – Adequately insulate all outdoor water faucets, hose bibs and other plumbing devices            – Turn off and drain water lines where possible            – For customers who live in...

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Boil Water Notice (Aug 24, 2022)

To: Holmwood Utilities Customers (Public Water System ID # 1210020) Subject: BOIL WATER NOTIFICATION Due to low water pressures resulting from a water main break, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has required the Holmwood Utilities public water system (PWS ID Number 1210020) to notify all customers to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking, etc). Children, seniors, and persons with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria, and all customers should follow these directions. To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and ice making...

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