Redland Wholesale Utilities or RWU, is a wholesale utility that provides water and sewer services to the Angelina County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 (the District). RWU also provides all of the maintenance and operations for the District’s retail water infrastructure. The system is located north of the City of Lufkin along FM 2251.

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The Authority executes an agreement with the Angelina County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 for the management, operations and maintenance of their water and sewer system.


The District issues an Order annexing Redland Estates Subdivision subject to a confirmation election.


District holds confirmation election, Proposition 1 passes with 89% voter approval, formalizing the annexation of Redland Estates.


The District and the Authority enter into a new agreement. This new agreement requires the Authority to build the wastewater infrastructure to serve the entire District.


The Authority secures grant funding to construct the necessary improvements to provide sewer services to the Redland Estates Subdivision.


Construction begins on the Authority sewer expansion project.