Environmental Investigation Process

ANRA helps to protect waterways in the Neches River Basin through an Environmental Investigation Program. When a water-quality incident is discovered, either by ANRA staff or via notification from the public, an investigation takes place to identify harmful impacts to water quality, riparian habitat, and human health and safety within the basin.

Communication with land owners, state and local agency officials, regulatory officials, and the public may be necessary to resolve and follow-up on emergency situations involving Neches River Basin waterways.

In certain situations, ANRA may contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Kills and Spills Team (KAST) for assistance. For more information on KAST, click the link below:

When to Report a Water Quality Concern

Water quality investigations may be warranted due to pollution or naturally-occuring events. Just by looking at the water, it may be difficult to tell if a waterway is polluted – here are some signs to watch for that will help you identify water pollution. Examples of water quality concerns may include:

  • Algae blooms present
  • Unpleasant odor, such as rotten eggs, metallic, or chemical smell
  • Unusual water color, such as orange, purple, or black
  • Presence of dead fish or aquatic life
  • Foam or oil present on water surface

How to Report a Water Quality Concern

If possible, make a note of the following:

  • Location, date and time
  • Water color, clarity and any odor
  • Number, size and species of affected organisms
  • Recent weather
  • Condition and behavior of animals or organisms
  • Are plants or other organisms affected?

Aquatic Invasive Species

For information about aquatic invasive species, including zebra mussels and duckweed, pleasevisit the Texas Invasives website at the link below:

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