Current Water Quality Monitoring

The Upper Neches River Basin originates in southwest Van Zandt County and extends southeasterly through the Piney Woods of East Texas to the confluence of the Angelina and Neches Rivers and encompasses approximately 7,451 square miles. It is approximately 150 miles in length with an average width of 65 miles.

ANRA currently conducts routine water monitoring at 37 monitoring stations on a quarterly basis for routine water quality, including field and conventional parameters, bacteria, and flow, and will also conduct 24-hour dissolved oxygen monitoring at two stations. All data collected by ANRA is reported to TCEQ for use in water quality assessments, wastewater permitting decisions, and the development of water quality standards and nutrient criteria.

ANRA performs monitoring on 4 classified segments: Classified segments are protected by site-specific criteria described in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. These include most rivers (and their major tributaries) and major reservoirs. Classified segments are listed and described in Appendix A and C of Chapter 307.10 of the Texas Administrate Code and include Neches River Below Lake Palestine, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Angelina River Above Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and Attoyac Bayou.

ANRA also monitors water quality on 17 unclassified waterbodies: Unclassified water bodies are those which do not have site-specific water quality standards assigned to them, such as smaller streams. These water bodies are protected by general standards that apply to all water bodies in the state and include Cedar Creek, Hurricane Creek, Jack Creek, Piney Creek, Biloxi Creek, Buck Creek, Lake Ratcliff, Ayish Bayou, Bayou Carrizo, La Nana Bayou, Mud Creek, Lake Nacogdoches, Lake Striker, Bowles Creek, Johnson Creek, West Creek, and Lake Naconiche.

The water quality data that ANRA collects is submitted to the TCEQ three times per year. The data includes routine conventional, field, flow, bacteriological, and 24 hour data. This data, along with data from other organizations collecting similar data throughout the state is available on the TCEQ’s website at:

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Monitoring Stations

0604 - Neches River below Lake Palestine
0610 - Sam Rayburn
0611 - Angelina River above Rayburn
0612 - Attoyac Bayou