Lake Columbia Participants

Pre Construction Phase

Lake Columbia’s state water right permit authorizes a Firm Annual Yield of 85,507 acre-feet of water.  The Firm Annual Yield is the amount of water (in acre-feet) that the reservoir can produce on an annual basis for use by ANRA’s customers.  Pre-Construction Contracts, among other things, give participants the right of first refusal for construction phase activities.  The right of first refusal means that current participants will have an opportunity to enter into contracts for construction and operations of the reservoir before unallocated water is marketed to other non-participating entities.

Construction Phase

Once the reservoir receives its 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ANRA will offer contracts for construction and operation of the reservoir to its current list of participants. If, at the end of that contract offering period, surplus water remains unallocated, ANRA will market water to other entities in the region. It is ANRA’s desire that 100% of the water from the reservoir be sold to local entities.

Operations Phase

Lake Columbia participants will have a contractual right to use up to their contracted volume of water on an annual basis. As a result of their contractual right, participants pay their pro rata share of debt service to build the reservoir and ongoing annual operations & maintenance costs. Treatment and transmission alternatives will be developed after the construction phase contract offering period has ended and the list of participants is finalized.

Current Pre-Construction Participants

An acre-foot is the volume of water that would cover one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot.
1 acre-foot equals: 325,851.429 gallons
1 million gallons equals: 3.07 acre-feet

Alto, City of0.50%427.5139,312,89111,609,408381,679
Arp, City of0.50%427.5139,312,89111,609,408381,679
Caro WSC0.50%427.5139,312,89111,609,408381,679
Stryker Lake WSC0.50%427.5139,312,89111,609,408381,679
Afton Grove WSC1.00%855.1278,625,78123,218,815763,358.3
Blackjack WSC1.00%855.1278,625,78123,218,815763,358
Jackson WSC1.00%855.1278,625,78123,218,815763,358
New London, City of1.00%855.1278,625,78123,218,815763,358
Rusk Rural WSC1.00%855.1278,625,78123,218,815763,358
Cherokee County3.00%2,565.2835,877,34469,656,4452,290,075
New Summerfield, City of3.00%2,565.2835,877,34469,656,4452,290,075
Jacksonville, City of5.00%4,275.41,393,128,907116,094,0763,816,792
North Cherokee WSC5.00%4,275.41,393,128,907116,094,0763,816,792
Rusk, City of5.00%4,275.41,393,128,907116,094,0763,816,792
Troup, City of5.00%4,275.41,393,128,907116,094,0763,816,792
Nacogdoches, City of10.00%8,550.72,786,257,814232,188,1517,633,583
Whitehouse, City of10.00%8,550.72,786,257,814232,188,1517,633,583
Texas Water Development Board37.00%31,637.610,309,153,912859,096,15928,244,257